Tuesday, June 11, 2019

Strategy Report ( FORD) Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Strategy Report ( FORD) - Essay ExampleAs part of the companys business success, crossover UK managed to increase its car sales from 7,542 resist February 2011 up to 8,957 last February 2012 ( hybridizing, 2012b).One of the best strategies that made Ford become successful is its ability to expand its business through joint-venture programmes and acquisitions and close down the underperforming manufacturing plants. As part of the companys global expansion strategies, Ford has been continuously entering into joint-venture with different foreign companies to improve and expand its production facilities.In 2008, Ford decided to acquire Automobile Craiova in Romania as its majority stake owner. After acquiring Automobile Craiova, Ford was able to operating its new fomite production plant to serve the engine needs of its Ford B-Max (Ford Media, 2012a). Likewise, the company is also using this particular production plant to produce low-capacity engines for cars (de, 2009). Despite Fords c ontinuous acquisition, the company is recently planning to close down its car plant in eastern Belgium (Associated Press, 2012). By doing so, the company can assuage a lot from its fixed operating cost.In response to the tight market competition in the world market of automobile products, Ford is beingness challenged to establish its production plant in another country. Through joint-venture and acquisition, the company was able to put up a new production plant indoors the earliest possible time.Since Ford is planning to close down its car plant in eastern Belgium, the company is expected to face serious problems with its employees and subcontractors. Therefore, future day research will focus on Ford can enter into a win-win negotiation with the traveled stakeholders.To investigate internal and external factors that can affect Fords strategy, a SWOT and PEST analysis will be conducted. Basically, the proposed research plan will make use of phenomenological approach to research. Since the main(prenominal) problem associated with

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