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Frankenstein and the Effects of Isolation

Isolation is the separation from others and/or society whether it be physically or emotionally. In the novel Frankenstein by Mary Shelley, I believe that a central theme is that the isolation from family and society, especially at a time when one is faced with difficulty, can have a negative effect on a person. The main characters in the story, Victor Frankenstein and the monster, both experience the same suffering of being alone in different ways. The negative consequences are the death of their loved one and eventually the end of their own. Frankenstein chooses to be isolated from society and his family on his own.He travels away from home for his desire to obtain more knowledge about natural philosophy. He fancied about creating something new, something no one has ever done before. â€Å"I will pioneer a new way, explore unknown powers, and unfold to the world the deepest mysteries of creation† (42). So then he created the monster. As soon as the monster awoke, Frankenstein ran away in fear for he created something so hideous that he couldn’t bare to even look at it. â€Å"My heart palpitated in the sickness of fear; and I hurried on with irregular steps, not daring to look about me† (51).Frankenstein emotionally isolated himself and soon fell ill. He couldn’t speak about it to anyone because he was too ashamed of himself for creating the monster. Unlike Frankenstein, the monster was forced to live in a world of isolation physically because of his appearance. He did not look like a human with his yellow eyes and muscles showing through his barely there skin. His face was threatening and he didn’t fit in with society even though he longed for acceptance. â€Å"I possessed no money, no friends, no kind of property.I was, besides, endowed with a figure hideously deformed and loathsome I cannot describe to you the agony that these reflections inflicted upon me† (148). The monster wanted attention and the only way he knew how to get it was to kill anyone he could that was close to his creator, Frankenstein. The monster turns vengeful, but not because he is evil. It’s because the monster is filled up with overwhelming hate and anger because there is no one out there like him. The more he killed Victor's loved ones, the more attention the creature received from Victor. Eventually he had illed everyone close to Victor and had gained Victor's full attention, when Victor vowed to do everything within his â€Å"power to seize the monster† (190). Now both Victor and the creature had no one to love, only one person to seek revenge from. Isolation eventually leads to death is another recurring theme within the story. The monster kills everyone around close to Frankenstein because he wants him to know what it feels like to be alone. He started with his younger brother William which also resulted in the death of Justine who was blamed for the tragic incident.Even though Frankenstein knew it was h is fault his brother died, he couldn’t speak the truth in fear of what might happen to him. Next was Clerval, his best friend from childhood. Finally it was his beloved wife, Elizabeth. Isolation has a negative effect on Frankenstein by making him fall ill. â€Å"But I was in reality very ill; and surely nothing but the unbounded and unremitting attentions of my friend could have restored me to life. The form of the monster on whom I had bestowed existence was forever before my eyes. By very slow degrees, and with frequent relapses that alarmed and grieved my friend, I recovered† (55).With Clerval by his side, Frankenstein recovered because he needed social interaction with someone he knew. Clerval opened up the pathways of communication to his family which is a way of getting back to the norm of society. Being alone made him feel worse and with his friend near, he gained back his life that he missed when he was tucked away creating the monster. He returned back home t o Geneva shortly after to escape his creation, only to find that it was already there and had already started his revenge. The monster longed for companionship as he hid away by himself longing for social interaction with the humans.He learned their language and observed how they interacted with each other and he desired the acceptance of society as a whole. In chapter 15, the monster decides to reveal himself to the cottagers he’s been observing. He first approaches De Lacy, a blind man, and because De Lacy could not see him, he did not reject him either. He says to De Lacy, â€Å"I am an unfortunate and deserted creature; I look around, and I have no relation or friend upon earth. These amiable people whom I go have never seen me, and know little of me.I am full of fears; for if I fail there, I am an outcast in the world forever† (119). De Lacy befriends him and says that he would try and help the monster. â€Å"I am blind, and cannot judge of your countenance, but there is something in your words which persuades me that you are sincere† (120). This shows that without knowing what the monster looked like, he was a good being and De Lacy held no prejudices against him. The monster asks De Lacy to protect him and to introduce him to his family, but they came home right that second. Agatha fainted and Safie rushed out of the cottage.Felix through the monster out and this is when he realized that he will never ever be accepted in society and from this moment on, he swears to revenge himself against all humans, especially his creator. I believe this proves that the monster was not created evil. He is like a human with the feelings of wanting to be accepted and to have friends. Through isolation from society, the negative consequences results in the vengeance of the monster. Throughout the novel, the feelings of hatred and isolation shared between Victor and the monster, led both of them to their own self-destruction.Frankenstein loss everythi ng and ventured out to find the monster so he could seek revenge. It took too long and the hardships of being alone eventually lead to his death. When Frankenstein passed, Walton found the monster crying by his side. He never meant to kill his creator and then realizes that what he did was wrong. His only companion was gone and now the monster grieved for the death of his creator. Isolation, both physically and emotionally, brought out the evil side to the characters. It caused them to do things that were not in their nature and then in the end, they both paid for it with their lives.

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A Contrasting Comparison of Women at Home and in the Work Field

The modern day woman has become more than just a counterpart in a male dominated workplace. She has become the epitome of a successful person. The modern day career woman often wears 2 hats or more. Her personality has become more flexible as the needs in her life have grown more complex and time consuming.Yes, a woman today is more than just a woman is. She is now a daughter, wife, mother, friend, economist, and anything and everything else that she has to be in between. Seeing a modern day wife and mother makes me wonder what it was like for the children and husbands of yesteryears. Before the hectic life of today, when most families are forced to live on 2 incomes from the husband and wife, a woman seemed to lead a stress free life.Her only worry then was how to cook the chicken defrosting on the kitchen counter. When exactly did this change happen? How has it affected the way a family functions these days? Believe it or not, there was actually a time in history when women stayed at home and took care of the family. This was all before World War 2 changed the landscape of the workplace as the people of then new it to be.Before the war broke out in 1948, women were content to stay at home. Wives took care of the household while the men worked and provided the finances needed to sustain his family. Women were content to stay home and take care of the children.The children were happy because they came home from school or play time and had somebody at home with a glass of thirst quenching lemonade for them or freshly baked cookies for a snack. The women were more supportive of their brood.As a mother, the women made sure that the children were well taken care of, more secure in the thought that their mother loved them because they could see her and feel it more and often. A mother's role then is just as important as a mother's role now. Mother's then were not as stressed out as they are today. Yes, women then were also tired and stressed out.They were very busy and already had 24 hour work days. They were happier though. This is because they dealt with only one situation at a time and the routine did not vary that often so that dealing with any problems posed before them seemed so trivial and common sensical.Then unexpectedly, the United States got involved in World War 2 on June 6, 1944. This is the date that changed the family and working man's landscape forever. Women were at this time already slowly entering various workplaces.The war accelerated their entry even more. As most men shipped off to fight the war, women were left at home and were forced into the unexpected situation of having to be both mother and father, care giver and provider for their brood. Women began working where men used to work as a show of support for the soldiers overseas who were giving their lives in order to make sure that the families of the world would continue to live free from tyranny.This was the start of the subtle changes in the family dynamics into w hat we now know it to be. Slowly, the mother and wife figure, the woman kids could always trust and talk to, their mom, the woman who made sure that a hot meal waited for her husband when he got home tired from work started to disappear from the world.After the war, women chose to continue down the new path that had opened up for them. Women felt that it gave them equal footing with men and working gave them a new sense of fulfillment that they used to augment what was now to them a boring life of a housewife.This movement continued to evolve until women finally became the dual careered women of today. She is both a mother and an employee. A wife and an executive, you name it, she can do it. Women of the 21st century have seemingly perfected the art of multitasking.All of this progress in the woman's empowerment movement came at a high cost to their families though. As women discovered that they are more than just pretty faces who could do other things aside from care for the men an d the family, the very foundation that had the woman as its supportive backbone suffered a huge blow. The families of today have become very vulnerable to disintegration.Now, because both parents are already working due to the high cost of living, nobody is around to supervise the upbringing of the children anymore. Latchkey kids are now the norm and the lack of parental supervision have allowed kids the freedom to experiment with crime and drugs.Divorce has become more common these days.   As the husband and wife lose time for their family, lose the time to talk to each other and find out how they are faring in their lives as individuals, a couple and parents, the end up following the misguided belief that more money means a stronger family. Money does not make for a happy family.Togetherness and understanding does. This is what the families of yesteryears had that we no longer have today.  These days, a woman, as a mother and wife does want to give her family their due respect , love and understanding. But she is just so burned out from work all the time that she unintentionally vents on her family by taking what little time she can offer to them in terms of quality time away from them.This usually happens because the woman already loses her sense of self worth and who she really is. Once again, this is something that did not exist for women before 1942.The war did not affect just the psyche of men; In fact, the effects of that war have reached farther than ever thought possible. It took away the innocence of women and replaced it with females who have a need to constantly prove that they can equal the man in any field or work place.I guess it will take more time before the women can complete their evolution into the perfect being. In my mind, this is the woman who can be career driven in the work place, but still be the caring housewife and mother who existed back in the years before World War 2.Works Cited:Cristina Giampoli's Homepage. History 175 Proje ct. November 25, 2006.

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Commentary for Plato,s allegory of the cave Essay

Commentary for Plato,s allegory of the cave - Essay Example Being a Greek philosopher of his era, Plato adopts a common way to narrate the story through series of conversations between Socrates – his mentor, and Glaucon – a student. In the dialogue, Socrates instructs his student to imagine a cave, where prisoners are held. They are all chained and immobile. They can only see in front of them where there is a wall. There is a fire behind the prisoners which they cant see. There is also a passage where they can walk. The prisoners carry objects with different shapes and figures. They are like puppeteers, behind a window-dressing, because they can see the flickering reflection of the object they carry on the wall and believe that they are real. However the shadowy representations are not the real image. The plot offers a twist. Socrates is to free one of the prisoners from his chains, so that he can turn around and see that the images which his fellow prisoners believe to be true are only reflections produced from the fire behind them. The liberated prisoner will also be allowed to exit the cave. The light of the sun to which his eyes are not accustomed may blind him. Now in the outside world, he can see different dimensions like the reflection of his image in the water. The prisoner now learns how wrong his fellow cave companions were. However, even if the enlightened attempts to explain the true nature of the shadowy images and the real ones, the other prisoners will not believe him, because they dont hold any other perceptions of the world in order to compare the two. One of Platos predominant ideas (and of Socrates too) is that of the form of things. This is explained in the allegory with the help of reflections. The world consists of forms – ideal and perfect, however people can only filter them as reflections through their eyes. Thus, human beings can grasp half images of these reflections

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Public vs. Investors Perception on Materiality Term Paper

Public vs. Investors Perception on Materiality - Term Paper Example The main purpose of performing an audit on financial statements is to help the auditor to put forth an instant judgment as to whether the financial statements are duly organized in accordance with the recognized financial reporting systems like the GAAP (Generally Accepted Accounting Principle). The perception of materiality assessment is highly dependent on the expatriate opinion. According to FASB (1975), "material information is that whose omission or misstatement could influence the economic decision of stakeholders to the financial statements. Materiality is dependent on the size of the item or error judged in the particular scenario of its omission or misstatement. Materiality provides a threshold or cut-off point rather than being a primary qualitative characteristic whose information must have if it is to be useful." Public vs. Investors Perception on Materiality The public and the private investors have different perceptions on materiality. The entry of auditor’s mate riality is perceived as proprietary data by numerous certified public accounting companies as they are not normally reported to the public (Ryan, 2004). Numerous regulators and scholars have suggested that the auditors must be asked to give a report on materiality entry to the users of the financial statements in their report of audit. ... This stand by FASB regarding materiality has compelled scholars to investigate the opinion of organizers, users and auditors of the statements of finance where most of these researches uncover that there is an anticipation break amongst the users and auditors of the statements of finance as to what that amount to a material misstatement. The expectation break has the implication that the criterion of materiality entirely used by auditors to describe and perform materiality is essentially unique from that used by the users of buyer financial statements. The absence of consistency in materiality opinion limits the users from being knowledgeable in regard to misstatements or omission of items they feel to be material in the financial statements. In this regard, the position taken by the FASB and the â€Å"expectation void† in materiality opinion consequently made scholars and regulators suggest that materiality by auditor’s entry to be reported to the public. The normal al legation is that revealing of the auditor materiality entry would give the users the information of the extent of suitable error or misstatement in the buyer statements of finance and finally, minimize the disparity of materiality decisions by the users and auditors (Fields, 2011). The users of the public financial statements would also be in a position to substantially make use of the auditor materiality entry to evaluate the degree of dependence they can allocate on the audit to ascertain that public financial statements are independent from material misrepresentation. Therefore, it is claimed that the revelation of auditor materiality entry might assist in creating a high agreement amidst the public anticipation of the auditor, including its judgment of the performance by

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A spin on the issue Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

A spin on the issue - Essay Example Military veterans who have suffered a disabling injury during service are neither condescended to nor treated with undue special treatment by being given preferential treatment for jobs and positions through affirmative action. In this case, society is giving preferential to those who have served society and earned, with the price of their health, the opportunity to be placed at the head of the line. While most social groups who are elevated because of affirmative action are given preferential treatment because of something that was a consequence of birth, disabled veterans have earned the spot at the head of the line. According to Hackerott, Kapusta, and Miller (2003), all federal job opportunities must be covered under affirmative action parameters to support the hiring and advancement of disabled veterans. In comparing the purposes of affirmative action to the plight of women and minorities in contrast to giving preferential treatment to those who have served, the purpose of equaling the playing field for woman and minorities is very different than giving honor to those who have served society through military service. Women and minorities have suffered under oppressions that have denied them the same consideration as others, which affirmative action frameworks intended to balance by then requiring those groups to be considered first. The ethical problems that come through these forms of trying to set things right are different than those for disabled veterans. An example of the ethical problems involved in affirmative action initiatives arose during the case the University of California versus Bakke. Mr. Bakke sued the University of California for discriminating against him because he was a white male for not letting him apply under the special admissions program. Bakke won his lawsuit and provided context for arguments against affirmative action in that through the intention of trying to level the playing field in

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Ethno-tourism Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

Ethno-tourism - Essay Example Even though ethno-tourism is one of the most significant sources of revenue for developing countries, it has attracted so much criticism from human rights activists. According to the critics, ethno-tourism is the exploitation of the uncontacted tribes as they are used by the governments and tourism planners for economic purposes and they are not given any benefits in return. Other critics also suggest that the exposure of the uncontacted tribes to the outside world can endanger their society from a number of aspects. The following paper will evaluate the criticism against ethno-tourism, the opportunities it provides for the developing economies and the impacts it has on the culture and society of the uncontacted tribes. IMPACTS OF ETHNO-TOURISM Developing countries like those in Africa and Asia earn significant revenues from ethno-tourism. Tourists from all around the globe seek opportunities for ethno-tourism therefore countries that provide ethno-tourism are considered to be some o f the most sought after venues for the tourists. Ethno-tourism attracts a large number of tourists because it is a unique kind of tourism. ... Ethno-tourism provides the tourists with the opportunity of initial contact with previously uncontacted people who live in ignorance of the outside world. These unconctacted people reside in tribes and their way of living provides a great example of the primitive way of living. Their rituals and traditions are unique and different from those of the modern world. Their culture and traditions make them an attraction for the tourists. One of the arguments presented in the text suggests that ethno-tourism should benefit both the visitors and the contacted tribal communities. There has been significant criticism over ethno-tourism and it has been said that ethno-tourism has negative impacts on the subject communities. One of the most prominent negative impacts of ethno-tourism on the uncontacted tribes is the social deterioration of the tribes. With the exposure to the economic system set up by the modern world, the uncontacted tribes that reside in the primitive manner may become affecte d. Their society may deteriorate with the rise in the economic divisions within the tribes. Even though tourists are highly attracted towards unseen cultures and ways of life and ethno-tourism generates high amounts of revenue, the impacts on the subject tribal communities give rise to a dilemma. From one perspective, ethno-tourism is a great opportunity for the tourists to observe the primitive way of living, and from another perspective, ethno-tourism is the exploitation of the uncontacted tribes as the interests of the tourists are considered and not that of the tribes. Individuals who criticize ethno-tourism oppose the use of such tribal communities for commercial purposes. The arguments presented to support the criticism are that; the individuals from the tribal communities are not

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I want to you to write about democracy in the USA Essay

I want to you to write about democracy in the USA - Essay Example In addition, they want governmental framework that will safeguard liberty and ensure the rule of law prevails over the current will of the people, a circumstance which would be termed a true democracy. The system of government in the U.S. is often called a democracy which is misleading and does not represent the true ideals of the country. The aspect of a republic, one that makes the system historically significant, is that is actually in opposition of a true democracy where the will of the majority would infringe upon the rights of the minority. The American Revolution was fought for three main reasons. The elite class sought self-governance, separate from Britain, so they could control the colonies themselves in order to further their self interests. They also wanted to keep slavery and take more land from the Native Americans. Britain was leaning toward abolishing slavery and had outlawed seizing land. George Washington is a prime example of those moneyed elite. He owned hundreds of slaves and was a land speculator. The Founding Fathers’ goals were not as altruistic as many history books describe them. However, they needed the common man to fight the war so they were forced to cede some power to them in the form of democratic principles. Neither the Constitution nor Declaration of Independence contains the word democracy. In fact the Founders often spoke out against the concept. Thomas Jefferson spoke of the â€Å"tyranny of the majority.† A Massachusetts Delegate to the Continental Congress, Elbridge Gerry, cautioned against an â€Å"excesses of democracy.† Future first Secretary of the Treasury Alexander Hamilton, who advocated a restricted monarchy, declared that the people â€Å"seldom judge or determine right.† Virginia Governor Edmund Randolph wanted a government that would â€Å"restrain the fury of democracy.† (Marriott, 2003). It was obvious to the Founders that the majority would vote for whatever it

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Critical Review of Communicative Learning in teaching methodology Essay

Critical Review of Communicative Learning in teaching methodology - Essay Example Communicative language teaching is critically reviewed. With an emphasis on understanding its basic tenets and the advantages that it offers to the language learning process. Communicative language teaching is an approach towards language teaching. It is entrenched in the belief that the primary purpose of language is communication (Brandl, 2008). Therefore, the approach aims to equip its learners with an ability to communicate. There are two categories of the communicative approach. The weak component involves an overt pedagogy of language forms that develops the learner’s ability to use the same for communication. The strong communicative approach on the other hand inclines towards furnishing the learner with experiences through which the learner develops proficiency in the use the language. According to Richards, there are four principles through which the approach can be understood (2005). These are: the mode of learning of a language, the goals of teaching language, the types of classroom activities that promote learning, and what the roles of teachers and learners are in the classroom. The communicative approach is therefore a broad one that encompasses a wide range of activities which are meant to improve the overall language acquisition process. It is also referred to as the functional approach or the notional-functional approach (Richards & Rodgers, 2001). The end result is learner’s achieving communicative competence. The communicative approach developed as an alternative to the grammar-translation method. This previous approach indulged learners in a frenzy of vocabulary and rule grasping, with the outcome being a limited oral proficiency (Brandl, 2008). In order to atone for this shortcoming, the students would then travel to the language’s country of origin so as to acquaint themselves through practice. Owing to this significant

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Economics of Race and Gender Term Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words

Economics of Race and Gender - Term Paper Example I intend to show that evidence exists that the imbalance in economic pay for women can be corrected with continued positive efforts by society. Much progress has been made in regards equal pay for equal job performance in recent decades, yet a significant gap still exists even among managerial professionals in the workforce. A study outlined in The Herald (Glasgow) mentions that women receive 17.1 percent less pay than their male colleagues (Morgan, News, p 10). One of the first significant legal moves toward equality was with the Equal Pay Act of 1963 (U.S. Dept. of Labor, 2). The Act states that it is illegal for employers to discriminate on basis of sex (p 2). Despite the Equal Pay Act, a 2005 article in The Herald reports that both females and pregnant women in particular face discrimination at work. The author found that 54 percent of Scottish women faced discrimination during pregnancy, while 50 percent of women in the UK reported similar issues. Only 20 percent of the women surveyed however decided to report occurrence of the issue (Morgan, News 10). Businesses also contribute to the problem since only 10 percent of companies surveyed in Scotland perform equal pay reviews, while only 22 percent perform such reviews in England (Morgan, News 10). Another recent article in Scotland on Sunday reported that surveys of workers in Scotland found that female mangers encountered greater pay discrimination the higher in the organization they went (Barnes, 9). The reporter mentioned that the pay gap is the greatest for top level jobs. The top 10 percent of males in Scotland were making more than 40,500 GBP, while the top 10 percent of females were making more than 34,000 GBP (Barnes, 9). Currently, women are largely left out of executive roles, and this is occurring in most developed countries. A recent article in The Independent newspaper from London

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Gender Socialization Interview Essay Example for Free

Gender Socialization Interview Essay The family is the most essential ingredient in the making of a person. How one socializes to the society with regards to his/her gender is directly pointed to the responsibility of the family. The very basic foundation to a person’s character and how they behave with regards to their roles in the society and in family is the responsibility of the people around him/ her in the four corners of their homes where their young minds are being inculcated with such values or behavior that they should follow or they should take responsibility with. Most sociologists believe that the family is the best institution to instill in a child the attitudes and behavior patterns necessary o become a successful adult. Traditionally, parents are responsible for their children’s religious or ethical training and for providing basic knowledge of their society. Ordinarily, this largely means presenting basic concepts to the children at home as soon as they can absorb them, and, when they are old enough, enrolling them in educational institutions and having them participate in recreational, civic, and cultural activities. The family is also important in providing various kinds of social control. Its most important role is the regulation and control of character or behavior of the children. To understand gender socialization in the family I have interviewed Czarina. She is a female and is 15 years old. She is the youngest among her two brothers. Her parents work in a real state company and are sometimes not there to attend their special needs and attention especially if they have programs or activities at school. Czarina is already in high school, as a student she is very diligent and really tries her best to do good to make her family proud of her. She sometimes join extracurricular activities due to some factors like, her brothers as well as her parents would not allow her to go home late at night already. She has a curfew of 7:00 pm and failure to comply that will mean a very strong punishment for her. Czarina grew up in a family where traditional gender roles are being reproduced and also practiced. She grew up in a disciplinarian family but not that very strict. They just want her to be responsible in everything she does. Although her parents are sometimes not there to attend to her needs, her brothers are the ones who do it. She was taught that a lady should know all household chores because someday she will become a mother also and it is very essential for her to know all those things. It was also implanted in her mind that ladies should go home early because it is very dangerous and very indecent for a girl to go home very late at night. On other words, Czarina’s world evolved around home, school and even church. Her family sees to it that they all go to church every Sunday, not missing each service in their church. They were so devoted with their faith, which is why her brothers and parents are very strict with her. It has implanted in her mind that is rightful for a family to stay together even though travails or circumstances are present and are inevitable, every woman should be strong for her family not letting any doubt or fear ruin it. Czarina grew up seeing his brothers do so well at school and in their house. Her brothers are so responsible, caring and loving ones; while her parents are working very hard to provide them with what they want. Her brothers taught her not to easily fall in love, and never rush love until the right man and the right time comes. Her parents who are very loving; even though they’re sometimes busy; they always find time to be with them especially on weekends. Through the years, this was what she saw and experience in her daily life. This has become a part of her life already that she also has learned and practice. At school, she is very well respected and looked up to by her classmates and peers. She is very well disciplined and a dignified young lass. She serves as a role model among the young people in their school, being a consistent academic awardee and a good, behaved young lady. I asked her if she is pressured with what her family and friends is expecting of her, she answered me with a nodd. Yes, indeed she is fearful she might break the trust of her peers and especially her family but she knows deep inside her that all those values that have already been implanted in her being will never wither. It helped her become a better individual, through the upbringing of her parents and of course with the help of her two very understanding and disciplinarian brothers. She never regretted to be a part of her family, but on the other hand she felt lucky because not all are given the opportunity to be a good young woman. She said that the family really plays an important role in molding the behavior and character of a person because just like her, if her family didn’t brought her up that way then she would not be what she is right now.

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The importance of ethics in business

The importance of ethics in business One of the most important issue in business is business ethics to introduce this issue it is not bad to know that what is ethics definition, ethic standards are principle of the actions and decision from individual, organization, government, ethics can helps every body in social, effects of ethics separated to four areas, first is social, social is the biggest area for ethic, every body is living in society so ethics will effect every one who has different culture, beliefs, religion in different location, ethics has profit for every one, the next area is legal or law, in this area first should consider to meaning of law so what is law? Law is set of rules that are enforceable by court, by understanding this definition it is obvious that every body is responsible for the rules that govern by law, next step is organization should has set of rules to support and protect the right of individuals and customers or suppliers and government, ethics for organization is very important point an d by setting these standards like codes of conduct or consumerism , organization will show their responsibility to others , last step in ethics is individuals, when we look at the definition of ethic and after researches around this subject, we will reach to this point that every body is responsible to their work and their work and actions or decision, in this step there are some reasons that can has effect on the ethics on this level, culture, beliefs, religions, these are only some the many point that will have effects on ethics from individuals, this is very important notice when we study about ethics, difference between the ethics and law, by understanding meaning of these two , it is obvious that in the law, standards might not be a ethic action or decision, in addition to reach to the better understanding of business ethics also should consider to some points about that, first is responsible business conduct, which is set of actions the employee against to enterprise stack hol ders, second is responsible business enterprise; which is set of policies and management practices to protect environment, core values and vision of organization, the third point is business ethics programs, the program that govern by managers of an organization to support their business conduct by engaging stakeholders and also can say that business ethic programs are structures from organizations to support employee and stakeholders, to illustrate the business ethic program should point to some way to set the program and structure which could support the business conduct, like planning, strategy and programming, building a responsible enterprise, and finally adopting a design review and approved process. To look at the issues of business ethics, it is very important to know some characteristics of business ethic which include by general business matters such as bribing ways of accounting, it is not bad to know a bit about the bribery, Bribery, a form of pecuniary corruption, is an act implying money or gift given that alters the behavior of the recipient. And practices in five areas, first in country, by many public and private research it was showed that Denmark is the first country in the world that receive money by others as bribery, and Norway is the first country in the world by giving money in bribery, in this ranking there are many countries like Sweden, Germany, Finland, and others. Another area in bribery is industry that included by some regions like government, defense, aviation, energy, and construction, next is employee that by educate the staff monitoring and auditing also making open channels with employees can reduce the bribery in this area, next is joint venture, al so by monitoring, auditing, setting the lead office and apply a strong contract can control bribery in joint venture, last area of bribery is agent, to reduce bribery risk in this area first of all organizations should ask themselves than is agent necessary for them or not, in addition in case of necessary they should make a valid and strong agreement and also include all polices for bribery and document all and also by making head office and monitoring and auditing should control bribery and reduce the risk. Marketing and Advertising: it is very important to all organizations that act as fair in their marketing practices and advertising, to practice ethical program in marketing there are some points that should consider to that like organization environment, individual environment, personal practices, professional environment and industrial environment, in addition for advertising I is very important that organization should not exaggerate about their products and say lie to people, there are two practices for controlling the advertising, first is trade practice and second is fair trade by AMP, in addition AMP introduce and gives information to people for better choice and pursued them to reach to that option, Social contract: Another characteristics from business ethics is social contract, the social contract responsibility is one of the most important subject in business ethics, it can divided to three parts, first is social responsibility which stakeholder responsibility included, second is profit responsibility of share holders, and last one is affirmative responsibility. ETHICAL COMPANY: According to the ethisphere2009 worlds most ethical companies, in this year this institute compare more than thousands of companies and industries from more than 100 countries and 35 industries and by ranking them in the companies selection process that some structure like methodology, In-depth analysis, further refinement, industry leadership and other method they gave the first place to Honeywell interactional from USA and in Aero Space and Defense, second place is for Harris corporation again from USA in Aero and Space and Defense, and third place is for Nike from USA in sport wearing and sport apparel and here are many famous companies in this ranking like DELL from USA and BMW from Germany, RaboBank form Netherlands, Xerox and Intel from USA are some other companies in this ranking, in industrial ranking the first place is for ACCENTURE and gave to Douglas G.Serivener, general counsel, secretary and compliance officer, the second place is for ED Scott, chief ethics and Complianc e officer from CATERPILAR and third place is for Roderick A. Palmore, executive vice president, general counsel, chief compliance and Risk management officer from General mills industry are ranked in this list, In addition Philips, Unilever and T-Mobile are in next places. Unethical companies and practices: What are the unethical companies and industries in the world, of course there is no evidence for that and in fact it is impossible to compare unethical companies to each another but form some judgment of courts can understand some of these companies, for example Nestle company and McDonalds are some of these unethical companies, Nestle: There are some unethical activities by nestle company in its history like exploiting of employees in 1989, in nestle chocolate planet in brazil, and supporting brutal which nestle had financial supports rise in Brazil, China, Egypt, Colombia and other countries. Another unethical behavior from nestle is abusing animals, 50%of LOreal company owned by nestle and LOreal abuse animal in testing and making experiment on animals, some groups boycott in response to LOreal claims. McDonalds: Another company that has many cases in many courts in all over the worlds is because of this its unethical actions and decisions and behaviors is McDonalds, some of these actions are like supplely environment. 35% of the UK population gave the worst rating to McDonalds for the way it traits, staff, suppliers, costumers and environment. Adidas company an example of ethical company: Adidas AG is one of the most famous and popular sport wear company in the world that started its job form 60 years ego, in the history of Adidas it came that the company founded in 1924 by Adolf Dassler, after foundation of Adidas in several decades many things happened to company, in 60s, Adidas tried to help all athletes, Adidas design some equipment consider as fringe Sport. This equipment could made revelation in high jumping, in 80s Abdi Dessler death and after him his family, his wife , son and his daughter continue his job and his business, in 90s they apply new management by new CEOs they change the manufacturing and sell company to marketing company, in 1995 Adidas went to public on Frankfurt and Paris stock exchange, and in 1996, Reebok combined with Adidas and could made more benefit of world wide platform, and these two made stronger and wide range of products. It is a German Based company, Adidas is a manufacture of sport apparel and also consist of Reebok, there are two companies which names are Taylor Made-Adidas Golf and Rockport that produce many Sport products like shoes, bags and shirts and watches, in addition Adidas is the second biggest sport wear manufacture after Nike in all over the world but it is the biggest manufacture in Europe, this is not bad to introduced some statically and financial information about the Adidas, Adidas founded by Adolf Dassler in 1924 but registered in 1949 and headquarters is Herzogrenuroch, in Germany and in CEOs there are some famous people and businessmen like Herber Hainner, Erich Staminger, Igor Loudau and for financial statistic, Adidas had revenue of 10,799 billion euro(15.6 billion $) and profit of 642 million euro (933 million $), and there are 38980 employees are working for Adidas, Adidas product sport wear such as golf, soccer, rugby, tennis, Cricket and basketball and much more also some of products are accessories socks, watches, eyewear, bags and caps. Jan Runau, Adidas AG What are ethics in Adidas Company? Adidas is one of the most ethical company that always looking for ethical jobs, actions, decision and behavior also always they care about the environment but also sometimes unethical matter happened in there jobs, and there are some unethical matters in their portfolio. Adidas is a global leader in suppliers factories and decreasing environmental impact. In sport industry, Adidas also set of codes which named supply chain code of conduct and in these codes they apply set of standards about their stated intentions on ethical purchasing. In addition they also set rules for moral responsibility in the way of products, marketing and manufacturing and for international labor they create another standards named workplace Standard that introduce clear rules of conduct in many factors like labor, environment, children, hours of work and much more. There are some statically information about these changes by Adidas, first is freight contributes 175 grams carbon dioxide CO2 and road freight 147 grams of CO2, and air freight by 903 grams of CO2. In the air travel they use carbon offsetting to about the collision of air travel, in addition Adidas set many teams meanwhile for research for sea and road traveling. Adidas shows that they are very serious and pioneer in many subjects related to ethical issue and they spend a lot of time and cost and energy to be a one of the ethical company in any subjects like labor, environment, customers, Children and others. Suitability code: For details about the suitability code, there are several subjects that cover by this code; Stakeholders, suppliers, customers, environment, community, employees. Stakeholders: About the stakeholders of Adidas are employees, authorities, business partners, workers and opinion formers involve stakeholders to make decision that shape day-to-day operation, and also provide the clear and effective and honest report to their stakeholders, there are several activities that Adidas tries to engages stakeholders: Responding to the SRI community Engaging with employees Responding to enquiries raised by customer, employee and NGO Participation and collaboration with industry initiatives governmental and non-governmental initiatives and multi-stakeholders partnership Out reach to academic and students. About the partnership and ways of engaged in Adidas, to build trust relationship they have some ways like WFGSI and WCSBD in corporate response. WFGSI stands for world federation of the sporting goods industry and WCSBD stands for world business council for sustainable development, in supply chain condition there are three conditions as fair labor association (FLA) and fair factories clearing houses (FFC), and last one is Round Table on Codes of conduct, and set of code in environment is AFIRM working group and better cotton initiative (BCI). The second subject in ethical matter is supply chain, according to Adidas information on 31 Dec 2008 Adidas works with more than 1050 factories, in many countries, some of these countries such as china, Vietnam, Indonesia, Turkey, and Thailand, and the condition to support the suppliers they set the workplace standards, its included several of standards of general principle involved forced labor children, discrimination, wage and benefit, working hours, freedom of association and collective Barging and Disciplinary principle, next is heath and safety to protect environment and environment requirement, for example about the child labor all supplier should not work with children under 15 years old and about the working hours they set the rule to their supplier that employee should not work more than 60 hours per week, to protect and support this standards and also to be confirm all codes they apply a team to monitoring and verification which this team will audit and monitor supplier an d will contact with any act against the standards, another way to protect codes is ratting and sourcing decision with them, by they rank and improve the supplier with has lower rank and praise. From higher supplier, for fair wage Adidas has strategy which named fair wage strategy which they set wage by mechanism depends on input, output, and effort of supplier, also benchmarks will pay higher wage that local wage, and also rewards for employee is another way that included in fair wage strategy. Stakeholders, Adidas-Group Environment: The third part of ethical issue is environment, Adidas always Responsible for their environment and always care about the natural environment, and to do this act and support the environment Adidas applied a system-based approach to managing environment, and this system covered two parts of production facility and supply chain, according to information about the environmental practice of Adidas company, more than 95% of Adidas groups using these performance. To protecting their environment and reduce environmental impact and reduce using of energy and waste the energy, and using lower material in their production. Environment-Adidas Group This is a report about the environmental of Adidas: Herzogenaurach, 2009. Record year for the adidas Group Environmental data for our main administration offices and own production sites 2008 Our main administration offices Energy consumption Electricity (kWh/year) Energy consumption Heating (kWh/year) Water consumption (m3/year) Waste (tonnes/year) HQ of the adidas Group, Herzogenaurach, Germany 12,683,749 9,627,567 21,487 426.4 adidas America Inc., Portland, USA 6,472,600 1,403,705 36,306 not reported Reebok HQ, Canton, USA 13,375,974 13,930,828 34,936 564.9 TaylorMade-adidas Golf HQ, Carlsbad, USA1 3,185,966 20,554 42,654 551 Our own production sites Energy consumption Electricity (kWh/year) Energy consumption Heating (kWh/year) Water consumption (m3/year) Waste (tonnes/year) adidas Footwear Factory, Scheinfeld, Germany 1,578,340 4,432,207 1,736 260.2 adidas Apparel Factory, Suzhou, China 425,542 0 1,162 10.2 adidas Canada Assembly Factory, Brantford, Canada 382,393 212,520 454 14.5 Reebok-CCM Hockey Factory, St. Hyacinthe, Canada 2,002,800 973,440 5,150 25.4 Reebok-CCM Hockey Factory, St. Jean, Canada 2,637,900 3,193,460 2,082 72.2 Reebok-CCM Hockey Factory, Edmunston, Canada 1,229,400 0 1,674 56.2 Reebok-CCM Hockey Factory, Tammela, Finland 1,343,059 1,140,445 1,190 237.9 Reebok-CCM Hockey Factory, Malung, Sweden2 n/a n/a n/a n/a Sports Licensed Division, Factory, Indianapolis, USA 10,844,350 120,158 19,822 455 Sports Licensed Division, Factory, Mattapoisett, USA 725,671 475,011 n/a 150.1 Sports Licensed Division, Factory, Cedar Rapids, USA 1,938,310 3,830,624 3,432 64 TaylorMade Assembly Factory, Togane-Shi, Japan 422,380 740 1,335 14.4 1 Figures cover TaylorMade HQ and assembly factory 2 Figures are not available for 2008 because site is externally leased Community: Adidas has program for community and this program based on 3 studies, first is community project for people who need it and second is employee involvement, in this involvement employee support the company to reach to their goals, and last one is corporation giving which is about the financial contribution, product and services, Adidas by this program will support children and young people in face of their needs, by giving them cloth and sportswear supporting their sport goods, Employee: When ethics goes to employee it will separated to three parts, 1. Activity engaged 2. Not engaged 3. Activity disengaged Adidas also set the reward rule for employee to support their employee and Adidas set the codes of conduct to support the employee and protect their rights, these set coming to global and will cover all employees of Adidas in all over the world, Adidas approach for employee it comes to 5 ways, talent management by ranking and praises of them, by identifying them and find the opportunities that those that those managers gain for company, employee and managers, performance management, by performance feedback and improving the learning. Motivation: Next is motivation that we covered before that company by giving gifts and rewards motivate their employee to keep going in addition promotes commitment is another way to motivating the employee, last action to help employee is communication with top managers set the meeting and other gathering to collect employees opinion to make decision, as an example in 2005 Adidas gather 350 staff to corporate responsibility and environmental affairs. Awards and Recognition, To clear of the Adidas practice there are many awards that Adidas collect from many festivals and many institutes and these are just some of them, in 2009Adidas got the 2009 industry leader and super sector leader in the DOW Jones sustainability Index and Sustainable retail business 2009 and also awarded consumer organization in 2009 and FTSE4 good index in addition Adidas awarded 100 most sustainable corporation in the world and fair labor association in 2008, Adidas awarded reporting twice in 2004 and 2006. Awards and Recognition-Adidas Group

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Movie: The Firm :: essays research papers

Movie: The Firm   Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Sydney Pollack's film The Firm is a drama based on an desire to escape from the law firm (Berndini, Lambert, and Lock) from which he was hired. The relatively small but wealthy firm wines and dines the ambitious Harvard Law Graduate's (played by Tom Cruise) with money and gifts in order to make him part of their team. Overwhelmed by the gracious treatment and substantial offer Mitch McDeere takes the offer to be part of the Firm. The firm gets them caught up in a affluent lifestyle that they never thought they could live. Once involved n the day to day workings of the firm McDeere began to get subtle hints of a corruption with a Mafia mob client. McDeere gets a hold of some information that he shouldn't have had access to that supports his suspicions. When an FBI agent confronts him with evidence of corruption and murder within the firm, Mitch forms a plan to indite the partners of the firm by gathering information on overbilling of the firms clients. The firms clients files contained information that could destroy both the firm and most of their mob clients. Berndini, Lambert, and Lock had a past history of spending large sums of money on their new lawyers then once they got used to the good life the firm would let them in on the corruption that when on. The firm had a tight control over their partners. They knew everything about their personal life as well as their work life. All their homes were wired and their phones tapped. They also had access to information on their partners family and friends. With such tight controls over their lives they had a power to control their every move. Temptations of escape were smothered by threats of harm. In two cases the threats of harm led to murder.   Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  A reoccurring theme of politics and power emerged throughout the film. For this reason it seems most logical to analyze The Firm based on chapter twelve of Stephen Robbins' book Organizational Behavior. Power is defined as A capacity that A has to influence the behavior of B so that B does things he or she would not otherwise do. The focus of this paper is going to based on the power that the firm had over its employees. In order to better understand the concept of power and where it comes from two published researchers named J.R.P. French Jr. and B. Raven came up with a five-category classification. The five categories are as follows; coercive power, reward power, legitimate power,

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Enders Game Essay -- Orson Scott Card

Ender's Game by Orson Scott Card When the novel starts Ender Wiggin is a six-year-old genius. He has a brother, Peter, and a sister, Valentine, whom is the only person Ender truly loves. Ender is the third born in the Wiggin family, which is rare, because the limited amount of children per family is two. The government had been running a Battle School in space to train young boys and girls to become military commanders to fight against the buggers, aliens who had invaded Earth in the First and Second Invasions. Peter and Valentine had both been tried out for the Battle School, but Peter was too ruthless and Valentine was too soft towards the enemy. They both failed to go to the Battle school. But, the government wanted Ender. They wanted the death threatening genes that Peter had and the merciful and loving genes that Valentine had. They hoped that Ender would make the perfect military commander. So, The government had Ender born and they put a monitor on the back of his neck to watch his every move to see if he ha d what it took to get into Battle School. The monitor protected Ender from Peter and kids at school because if anything got out of hand the officers would stop it to help Ender. They took the monitor off. Peter and the kids at school could finally get to bully Ender without getting caught. Peter quickly took advantage of the monitor being off to bully Ender around. If it weren’t for his loving sister, Valentine, Peter would have killed Ender. The kids at school had formed at gang to jump Ender after school one day. The leader was a boy named Stilson. They were a little bigger than Ender was and they out-numbered him too. Ender knew they were gonna hurt him and keep hurting him for the rest of the school year, so Ender decided to make this the first and last fight. Ender won the fight by ruthless blows to Stilson when he was down. Afterwards Ender cried for what he had done because he didn’t like hurting people, he didn’t like being Peter. Colonel Graff came back to get Ender. It had turned out they wanted to see how Ender could handle himself without the monitor and he had done it perfectly. Colonel Graff took Ender to Battle School. Graff had isolated him from the other boys in his launch group by stating that Ender was the best of them, so Ender had no choice but to be the best in the group to make them like him. After a while, Ender m... ...ut from the queen’s perspective. He opened and closed his eyes again seeing new images of himself putting the egg into a cool place, a dark place, but with water, so she wasn’t dry so that certain reactions could take place within the egg. Ender realized the queen bugger found him through the ansible followed it and dwelt in my mind. They came to know Ender by his nightmares. Ender picked up the egg and thought to himself that he was going to take the egg from world to world looking for the right place to hatch her so she can awake in safety. Ender picked a spot far from the castle tower for the new colony and wrote a novel from the queen’s perspective stating how sorry she was and that they killed us because they couldn’t communicate and Ender signed after the novel as â€Å"Speaker for the Dead†. He sent the book to earth through the nets and the book was published quietly. After a while almost everyone on earth had read it. Ender began to grow happy on the bugger planet and decided he had lived with pain and suffering all his life he can’t be happy now so he and Valentine boarded a starship and went from planet to planet searching for the right place to hatch the queen bugger.

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Essays on The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock: Another Analysis :: Love Song J. Alfred Prufrock

An Analysis of The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock "Prufrock" is a dramatic monologue, in which it is possible that the speaker is talking to another male, or just talking to himself; his alter ego. Throughout the poem Prufrock is too scared to make a move and seize the day because he keeps saying, "there will be time." His destiny is that he will be old and loveless, hence the irony of the title, because he cannot bring himself to articulate his emotions to another woman. This is actually a pathetic parody of a Lovesong because there is no one to listen to it. Prufrock fears that he will not be heard and this is manifested in the line that refers to the Sirens that sing to Odysseus to lure him to his death in the sea, but Prufrock fears that they will not listen to him.   Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚   The various allusions in the poem need to be understood to gain a better comprehension of what is going on. When he says that he "should have been a pair of ragged claws" this could be seen as a reference to Polonious' character in Hamlet, one who is getting old (a fear of Prufrock's) or it may be that he wants the brainless life of a little creature that scuttles along the sea and has no troubling finding a mate because it requires no effort He talks about the endless places to meet women, but it is no good because he and causes no anxiety in Prufrock because it is easy and primal.   Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚   The entire poem expresses his fear of women and the fact that he cannot successfully relate to them. He asks, "Do I dare? and, Do I dare? / Time to turn back and descend the stair" He still has time to go back to the party and take a chance, but he hesitates, and associates himself with Hamlet, who is also hesitant, but who finally decides to act in the end of the play.

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Assisted Suicide-Rebuttal

Rebuttal: Physician Assisted Suicide Rebuttal: Physician Assisted Suicide Assisted suicide has been a controversial topic since long before this past election. Physician assisted suicide (PAS) is when a physician gives a patient, usually terminally ill, the means to end their life by self-administered lethal injection or an overdose of drugs (Marker). PAS should not be confused with euthanasia, which is when a person other than the patient causes the death. Ben Mattlin’s article, â€Å"Suicide by Choice?Not So Fast,† argues that the Massachusetts measure to make physician assisted suicide legal in cases for those who have six months or less to live, should not be supported. Mattlin contends that passing the â€Å"right to die,† will lead to abuse and coercion of patients that feel forced to end their lives (Mattlin, 2012). Mattlin’s article cites that in Oregon, Washington, and Montana, where physician assisted suicides have been made legal, there has been scant evidence of abuse and in Massachusetts alone there were over 200,000 cases of elder abuse in 2010 (Mattlin, 2012).He uses two seemingly similar points to support his own rationalization and applies a scare tactic to substitute fear for reason (Moore, 2009). Mattlin bases his claim on comparing the abuse of physician assisted death in other states to elder abuse in Massachusetts, committing a rhetorical analogy. This is also an example of the slippery slope fallacy (Moore, 2009). Since elderly abuse is already so prominent, â€Å"how will assisted suicide be abused if it becomes legal? † While the context of abuse is similar, Mattlin states nothing to support that elder abuse leads to assisted death abuse but implies that PAS abuse will rise if legalized.The Massachusetts measure would apply to those having terminal illnesses with six month or less to live, however, Mattlin uses his own experience as a sufferer of disbilitating spinal muscular atrophy to argue his opini on. This is an example of the straw man fallacy (Moore, 2009) because Mattlin’s initial prognosis of not living past the age of two (Mattlin, 2012), is a misinterpretaton of legalizing PAS for terminally ill patients with less than six month to live. In the article, it is evident that Mattlin concedes his situation is atypical, but he uses his anomoly to support the validity of his point.Now nearly 50 years old, a husband and father with a career, Mattlin points out that doctors’ needs to render judgement and opinion is a source of coercion that limits patients’ alternatives to continue living. He argues that if not for his family’s support for continued medical intervention to keep him alive, his seeming diagnosis and prognosis left doctors questioning whether to extend his life. To have survived his affliction for this long and been able to have a fulfilling life does not make him an authority on the options for those suffering from terminal illnesses.U sing his own illness as a credible source is an appeal to authority even though he is not a medical expert nor has he claimed any other reputable sources for his opinion other than experience. Mattlin leads the reader to conclude that physican assisted suicide is not really a voluntary, free choice, decision made by the patient to end their pain and suffering, but a limited decision that does not take into account depression and coercion. He makes emotional arguments on why the right to die should not be legalized, but the opinions are not based on reliable, credible, or valid data to logically support his argument.

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Alternative Fuel Source

Small individual differences in our lifestyle can add up to large changes in society. There are many automobile companies exploring different types of energy supplies other than gasoline. Conduct research on these alternative fuel sources for automobiles. Discuss one alternative to gasoline for automobiles. Give some detailed background information on the automobile model that uses an alternative fuel source and please answer the following. †¢Would you consider buying one of these in the future?Why or Why Not? Yes, maybe. If I had the money for one. A dedicated natural-gas vehicle, like the Civic Natural Gas, runs exclusively on clean-burning natural gas. This guarantees 100% alternative-fuel use. Some other natural-gas vehicles use a â€Å"bi-fuel† system that doesn't offer the same economic and low-emissions benefits that a dedicated system offers. A bi-fuel vehicle has two different fuel tanks—one containing traditional gasoline, and the other utilizing an alter native fuel such as natural gas. ttp://automobiles. honda. com/civic-natural-gas/faq. aspx †¢How many gallons of gas would you save annually if you bought one of these vehicles? Weight-saving technologies, improved aerodynamics and engine modifications result in a new Civic Natural Gas with an impressive EPA rating of 27/38/31 miles per gallon (gasoline-gallon equivalent)[1]. The recent engine and transmission changes have another upside: an increased range of over 10 percent, up to 190 miles. 1] 27 city/38 hwy/31 combined miles per gallon (gasoline-gallon equivalent). Based on 2012 EPA mileage estimates. Use for comparison purposes only. Do not compare to models before 2008. Your actual mileage will vary depending on how you drive and maintain your vehicle. Performance Features http://automobiles. honda. com/civic-natural-gas/performance. aspx †¢Why do you think there are not more of these vehicles in use? For one they cost to much. The price for one of these are $26,305

Issues and Trends

Running head: VALUE CHAIN ISSUES Issues and Trends in the Global Value Chain Darryn Urueta University of Phoenix ISCOM 383 Pamela Harris December 5, 2011 Issues and Trends in the Global Value Chain Global trends are changing on a seemingly daily basis. Global economies are weakening and some companies are discouraged by the condition of terror threats that are occurring. These threats are changing the spending behavior of the average customer. Not only is the customer not purchasing because of the economy, but businesses face the threat of shipments not being secure or not arriving in a timely manner. To lower cost, and increase benefits, the lean Six Sigma approach will benefit companies by improving strategies and tactics. Customs Trade Partnership against Terrorism will help to reduce terror threats. The goals set forth by the Customs Trade Partnership against Terrorism will have a significant, positive effect on ports across the globe. The training process will ensure the knowledge needed to protect the supply chain for all countries. Lean Six Sigma Competition for global companies is great in today’s worldwide market. With the popularity and ease of access to the internet, anyone can create an online company for the world to see. Lean Six Sigma can create an environment that can enhance the strategy of competition. According to Carreira and Trudell, â€Å"Lean Six Sigma is a combination of the best features of Six Sigma and Lean manufacturing. Six Sigma is an integrated, disciplined approach for improving processes by understanding and controlling variation, which results in an improvement in the predictability of business processes. The basic values of Lean manufacturing include high quality, low cost, short cycle times, flexibility, the continuous pursuit to eliminate waste, and customer-defined value. While the classic tools of Lean address process definition, high materials velocity, and balance, the tools of Six Sigma address data-driven variation reduction† (Lawson, 2007). Lean causes products to move through processes faster, and Six Sigma improves quality, so integrating the two complementary methodologies can yield even greater benefits than implementing them separately. Some companies find this process too complex to integrate into their system. These companies believe that the process of combining the two strategies would create confusion thereby unwillingness for employees to comply. The Lean Six Sigma approach can help any company lower its costs, improve the quality of its output, and increase its profits as it transforms into a more competitive organization. â€Å"By integrating the Lean principle of a system-wide analytical view; for example, the value stream, the total cycle of activities needed to produce a product or service, organizations can maximize the benefit from their improvement efforts. Lean Six Sigma can be viewed from both a strategic and a tactical perspective. † (Lawson, 2007). Global Trends of Lean Six Sigma In the current situation the entire world is in economically, the trend for Lean Six Sigma may be necessary for all organizations to implement. Across the globe, many countries are experiencing the effect of a global recession. According to Ghosh, â€Å"With increased availability of innovative technology and enhancements, more and more measurements are being put in place to understand, monitor and control processes. As we know what we cannot measure we cannot improve. Available data for processes will encourage predictive modeling tools under the umbrella of Lean and Six Sigma tools. This will enable organizations to become more proactive and help with prevention and improved response times. The lead time of implementation of Lean and Six Sigma projects will also be on a downward trend as a result of easier measurements with technology advancements, greater affordability and the evolution of Web 2. 0 tools to drive productivity and efficiency† (Ghosh, 2009). Customs Trade Partnership against Terrorism (C-TPAT) â€Å"The Customs and Border Protection (CBP) agency of the US government implemented a partnership with private companies after the events of 9/11 to help protect the supply chain. Customs-Trade Partnership against Terrorism (C-TPAT) was launched in November 2001, with just seven major importing companies. Currently over 7,400 companies in the global supply chain are enrolled in the program, including importers, customs brokers, terminal operators, carriers and foreign manufacturers. CBP’s C-STAT strategy is based on five goals† (Murray, 2011). These goals are ensure that C-TPAT partners improve the security of their supply chains pursuant to C-TPAT security criteria, provide incentives and benefits to include expedited processing of C-TPAT shipments to C-TPAT partners, internationalize the core principles of C-TPAT through cooperation and coordination with the international community, support other CBP security and facilitation initiatives, and improve administration of the C-TPAT program. The first goal signifies that profiles and information is secure. Terror threats against all ports of the globe are at an all-time high. The second goal of the Customs Trade Partnership against Terrorism enacted security assessment programs and training for all. This will ensure that all personnel are knowledgeable and are properly trained in order to detect such terrorist threats. The third goal is communication. According to Murray, â€Å"Partnering with the international trade community to help secure global supply chains and partnering with individual customs administrations will improve the coordination of mutual anti-terrorism efforts. Supporting the work of the World Customs Organization (WCO) to develop a WCO sponsored framework to secure and facilitate global trade that recognizes customs-private sector partnerships, and coordinate with international organizations to improve the security and integrity requirements of their membership† (Murray, 2011). The fourth goal will expand the Free and Secure Trade Program which will enable authorities to enhance the security of Container Security initiative while helping Homeland Security with antiterrorism programs and development. Global Trends of Customs Trade Partnership against Terrorism (C-TPAT) As international trade continues to expand, the global supply chain remains even more vulnerable to security threats. Despite efforts by importers and other supply chain participants to improve security, the danger of a terrorist attack involving the international transportation system remains high. Companies have also become aware of the vulnerability of its supply chains to an ever-increasing range of security threats and disruptions. While participation in the program has increased, and CBP continues to roll out minimum-security criteria covering new business types, a key category has yet to be incorporated into the program – third-party logistics providers (3PLs). While U. S. Customs and Border Protection has announced that security criteria covering 3PLs will be incorporated into the C-TPAT program sometime this year, it is unclear how they will develop a common definition for service providers in the o utsourced logistics sector (Anderson, 2008). The global trends of Lean Six Sigma and Customs Trade Partnership against Terrorism will be a significant part of the future of business. Combining the powers of Lean manufacturing with the essential tactics and strategies of Six Sigma will lower costs for corporations and increase competitive strategy. Forecasting methods, with Lean Six Sigma, will provide businesses the opportunity to enhance the skills they desire and be prepared. Lean Six Sigma will teach companies how to structure their operations to monitor data at the right places and times throughout the process in order to identify issues that need improvement before they become serious problems. A pro-active approach can save time, money and best of all improve customer satisfaction and product reliability. Supply chains are in danger of terror threats. Customs Trade Partnership against Terrorism is enhancing their service by combining five different goals to comply with securing the ports of entry. C-TPAT is voluntary at this time, but before long, this may change. C-TPAT will soon require mandatory participation. A major challenge of global trade is navigating customs requirements, and the complexities and processes that accompany shipping around the world among a company’s locations and with outsourcing partners. New security and compliance initiatives, trade agreements, customs regulations, duty rates, and import and export processes can make it more difficult than ever to conduct international trade. All countries and organizations should work together to create a terrorist free environment to enhance the global economy and protect the supply and value chain. References Ghosh, M. (2009). Projected Lean and Six Sigma Trends for 2010 Retrieved December 1, 2011 from http://www. processexcellencenetwork. com/deployment- management/articles/projected-lean-and-six-sigma-trends Anderson, B. (2008). Strengthening Global Supply Chain Security Retrieved December 3, 2011 from http://www. securitymagazine. om/articles/strengthening-global- supply-chain-security-1 Murray, M. (2011). Customs-Trade Partnership Against Terrorism (C-TPAT), Retrieved December 3, 2011. Lawson, R. (2011). Combining Lean and Six Sigma. (BOOKS). Strategic Finance (2007): 21+. General OneFile. Retrieved December 4, 2011, from http://find. galegroup. com. ezproxy. apollolibrary. com/gps/infomark. do? &contentSet=IAC-Documents&type=retrieve&tabID=T002&prodId=IPS&docId=A176083004&source=gale&srcprod=ITOF&userGroupName=uph oenix&version=1. 0

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Tsa Policies

As an aviation management major airport security is a concern that I have taken a huge interest in. Making travel safer to air travelers is one of the biggest tasks that will never end as long as there is a plane in the sky. However, there are many problems that come about when traveling because passengers feel as if they are being harassed, which doesn’t set a good look for the Transportation Security Administration. The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) consist of 50,000 security officers, inspectors, directors, air marshals and managers who protect the nation's transportation systems so you and your family can travel safely. They look for bombs at checkpoints in airports, they inspect rail cars, they patrol subways with our law enforcement partners, and they work to make all modes of transportation safe. Criminals and terrorists have been known to conceal items in private areas of the body, especially in the small of the back above the buttocks and high on the thigh. Screeners are to carefully inspect these areas during pat downs to adequately check for dangerous items. Also, underwire bras can set off magnetometers, and bras have been used to conceal dangerous items. One of the most intrusive and most controversial aspects of secondary screening is the use of pat-down inspections to check selected passengers or to resolve magnetometer alarms. Specific complaints over pat-down techniques have centered on allegations of inappropriate touching and unprofessional or rude conduct by screeners. More general complaints have focused on privacy concerns and perceptions that the pat-down procedures were intrusive and humiliating. A 2005, Department of Homeland Security (DHS) investigation and audit of pat-down screening procedures found that the TSA adequately advised passengers of their rights under the pat-down procedures, and appropriately accommodated those rights. The DHS also found that TSA screeners were adequately trained in pat down inspection procedures and, based on TSA records, additional screening procedures were performed on proportionate numbers of male and female passengers. Finally, the DHS found that the TSA had implemented procedures to investigate and resolve passenger complaints regarding the screening process. The TSA maintains a screening Performance Management Information System (PMIS) where recorded complaints are logged. Operations research analysis teams and federal security directors review complaints logged in the database to track trends and identify areas of concern and take appropriate actions, including possible disciplinary actions, to resolve specific issues. Complaints involving allegations of discrimination based on color, race, gender, religion, or national or ethnic origin are forwarded to the TSA’s Office of Civil Rights for further investigation. Despite considerable concern raised by some regarding inappropriate behavior during pat-down screening procedures, the DHS found no problems with the technique. Nonetheless, privacy groups, such as the American Civil Liberties Union (ALCU), continue to express concern over potential intrusion on individual rights and alleged cases of sexual harassment and abuse of passengers, particularly female passengers, by TSA screeners. These concerns, however, raise a significant challenge for the TSA: to maintain high levels of security, which require resolving all alarms and screening in detail those passengers ascertained to pose an elevated security risk, while maintaining the privacy rights and dignity of passengers identified for these secondary screening measures. While these technologies offer a potential alternative to pat-down screening techniques, they too, raise privacy concerns because the images generated by these systems can reveal private areas, physical characteristics that individuals may wish to keep private, as well as prosthetics and other assistive medical devices. In the fast-paced environment of the passenger checkpoint, pat-down searches may be rushed and certain areas may be overlooked. The difficulty in detecting threat items on passengers is compounded by the requirements to respect the privacy of individuals discussed above, as well as social and cultural norms and individual differences regarding interpersonal contact and expectations of privacy and modesty. Some have also noted cultural sensitivities toward handicapped and disabled individuals and point out that screeners are sometimes hesitant to perform intrusive searches, particularly on individuals wearing various prosthetics. Terrorists and criminals can and have exploited these aspects of individual privacy by concealing prohibited items in body cavities and near private areas of their bodies, and could also exploit a screener’s reluctance to perform thorough searches of prosthetic devices. Covert testers also use these methods to conceal simulated threat items in an effort to test screeners’ abilities to detect items under real-world conditio ns and identify vulnerabilities in checkpoint screening that can potentially be reduced through procedural modifications and/or changes to screener training. These covert tests have revealed weaknesses in screener performance to detect weapons, simulated explosives, and components of explosive devices.

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Assignment Week 4 Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Assignment Week 4 - Essay Example The ordinary parking zone can be occupied by students who have opted for ordinary parking passes. A parking spot in this zone is not guaranteed but is rather filled up on a first-come first-served basis. The restriction imposed on ordinary parking zone would be that no special pass holder will be allowed to park their vehicles here. On the other hand if the peak hour parking slot is unoccupied after the designated time, it can be occupied by the ordinary pass holder if all ordinary parking zone is full to capacity. e.g.: If the peak hours are between 10:00 am - 12:00 noon and all parking spots are full except for a few peak hour parking spot, the same can be occupied by an ordinary pass holder after 1 hour from the end of peak time (i.e., 1:00 pm or later). In effect peak hour parking zone transforms into ordinary parking zone if spots are empty after end of peak hours to accommodate more vehicles. In this way students who regularly use the parking facility can be given a peak-time parking spot at higher rates to ensure maximum revenue, and additional revenue generated from ordinary parking zone where parking depends on first-come first-served. Parking slots for students, who require parking spots during peak hours, should be assigned only in the special parking zone. The ordinary parking zone can have students driving in and out of the parking lot and spots will not be reserved, thus ensuring that parking spots are not wasted. 3. The condition of the global market / the larger chain of consumers, clients, partners, competitors i.e. the linked organisations and entities that form the channel for revenue flow in and out of the industry and within the industry. If the target market is performing well and there is surplus demand than availability of resources then the pricing strategy should be adopted accordingly. Secondary factors that play a deciding role in the choice of a

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IT Industry Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

IT Industry - Essay Example The better they manage their asset the better they perform in the industry. We can rightly say that a healthy workforce leads to a healthy business. It's the policies in each organization which either makes them a favorite or not so sought after. However it is very necessary that each organization should carve out some policies for their employees so that they have a feeling that they are taken care of. There are many such organizations which have done this beautifully well and are now reaping the success. One such organization is IBM. Not only has this organization seen a tremendous growth but has also become one of the most sought after organizations for IT professionals all over the world. IBM is undoubtedly one of the most sought after organizations for IT professionals all over the world. Whichever country we may consider and ask its IT professionals the reply will most of the time lay in favor of IBM. What makes it so Is it just the brand name Or is there something more to it If it had been just the brand name then it would not have gone so far in becoming one of the most favored organizations to work with. There is definitely more to it. A very tempting area is the diversity of domains in which it works; there are a lot of options available for one, after he/she joins the organization. The list goes on like this; Aerospace and defense, Automotive, Banking, Chemicals and Petroleum, Consumer Products, Education, Electronics, Energy and Utilities, Financial Markets, healthcare, Insurance, Life Sciences, Media and entertainment, Retail, Telecommunications, Travel and Transportation, Wholesale Distribution, Cross-Industry. The women work force is also not left behind. We can say there is something for satisfying everybody's needs. The driving force for women to join IBM is the fact that its policies are very considerate towards working women who also have a family to take care of. The organization understands that there may be times when the lady of the house cannot move out; for those difficult days there is an option for work-from-home the working hours are also flexible. These are definitely a boon for people who have responsibilities in their personal lives. The organization also thinks about the health needs of its people and has a very well developed gymnasium in almost all the office premises. One indication of good policies is if we are able to find a good number of employees who are with the organization for a long time. This indicates that they are too satisfied to think of a change in their work environments. Having spoken to an employee who has been with the organization since long, got a view of an insider and why the attrition rate is lower than many of its competitors. When asked why does he work there This is what he has to say "They are one of the best pay masters, and then the opportunity to go onsite is very often." Who doesn't love to earn money After all most of us work for money; and that's what is common throughout the world, however with due respect to all those people who work as volunteers or with NGOs. When asked about the work culture He says it to be "Cool, though there is pressure at times but the work environment is fun to work in. then on days when he doesn't have too much of work at office; he can plan for

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Epistemology Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 3000 words

Epistemology - Essay Example First and foremost, this paper also deals with how theories are studied so that people may interpret and understand information, and develop them to form their own research studies. This is known as hermeneutics, and phenomenology would refer to how individuals study the philosophies of the world and what exactly it means to them. For this study, it is important to understand that without these theories, human beings would be lost when it comes to how they understand the world. Knowledge has to come from somewhere and this is illustrated in this paper through the mention of various research methodologies and approaches, dispositions and cognitive theories. As the study declares qualitative and quantitative approaches are two main approaches when it comes to research methodology. At this point it is important to first understand both qualitative and quantitative approaches in order to understand how research studies are brought about, as well as the epistemology and ontology approaches when it comes to research work. In a qualitative study, the researcher is not so interested in obtaining a set of facts, but rather is more interested in gaining insight into a perspective (Johnson, 1984). The philosophy of the qualitative approach is that knowledge and facts are subjective and that problems cannot be fully understood in isolation. In this light, should problems arise, they should be viewed as part of a complex pattern of links and relationships.

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Hairstyles of the Damned Discussion 2 Assignment

Hairstyles of the Damned Discussion 2 - Assignment Example But for what it’s worth, it is noble because Brian really put effort in choosing songs that he thinks Gretchen would like. It speaks about how he really wants to impress her and make her feel that his feelings are true. If Brian was able to make the perfect mixed tape, I think that Gretchen will still not fall for him because Gretchen just does not see Brian as a lover. Gretchen’s type in the book is Tony Degan, and though he’s a jerk and it was not fair of her to put Brian in the â€Å"friendzone†, sometimes, even in life, that’s just how it is. Brian just needs to be content in being her friend because that’s all that she can be for him. The beer scene with Brian and Gretchen’s father is one of the best scenes for me. It’s really emotional and there are a lot of youths today that can relate to what had happened. I think, that moment meant a lot to Brian. He shared a close bond with his father but when his parents divorced, it’s like he was alone and the deep connection he had with his dad all but vanished. Gretchen’s dad made him realize that he is a good person – someone who’s worth something, not just a failure, or a punk kid, or a delinquent, or a nobody. In school and in his home, he was looking for somewhere that he can be accepted and a place here he can fit in. No one had vocally appreciated him and I think that is one of the reasons why his life as so messed-up. If adults were more vocal in what they like about us young people, I think more of us will be able to turn our lives around and become good. Teens as well as anyone crave love, and appreciation – being told that you are good is a nice way to build one’s belief in one’s self and eventually direct the youth to a better

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Week 5 -611 Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Week 5 -611 - Essay Example For most of the simple learning outcomes, for example, factual information, adjustment to some form of selection item may not reduce the rationality of the measurement and will cause increase in the ease of scoring and objectivity. For the learning outcomes that are complicated, for example, those of sciences and mathematics, rejecting the short answer may require one to change the learning outcome, therefore decrease the legitimacy of the intended outcomes. Matching items are preferably used to measure factual information that is based on simple associations. When a learning outcome stresses on the capability of identifying the connection between two things and an adequate number of similar responses and premises can be acquired, a matching item will also be preferable. It is an efficient and a compact way of measuring outcomes of simple knowledge. They can also be used with pictorial materials in relating words and pictures or recognize locations on diagrams, charts and maps. Matching items should be avoided when measuring factual information based on learning that is vulnerable to the existence of extraneous clues. It should also be avoided when using homogenous material that is vital from the perspective of learning and objective items. 3. In an area in which you are teaching or plan to teach, construct five short-answer items, five true-false items, and one five-alternative matching exercise. State the objectives being measures by the

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Judicial activism Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Judicial activism - Essay Example In Roper v. Simmons, a seventeen year old by the name of Simmons confessed that he plotted the murder and burglary of an older woman. This case placed the question before the Courts as to whether or not a person younger than eighteen years old should be punished with the death penalty when convicted of crimes that would typically mandated capital punishment. The seventeen year old was originally sentenced to death for his crimes. This decision was later overturned by the Missouri Supreme Court and the defendant's sentence was converted to life imprisonment. The Missouri Supreme Court stated that although there were cases that illustrated that there was a precedent set that allowed for capital punishment for those persons under the age of eighteen, that a 'national consensus has developed against the execution of juvenile offenders'(2005). This case has since been heard by the United States Supreme Courts. Judicial activism and restraint are concepts that can be readily viewed in the Roper v. Simmons case when it was decided by the Supreme Court in March 2005. The majority opinion addressed both the Eighth and Fourteenth Amendments when considering the affirmation of the Missouri Supreme Court decision. ... Per the court's opinion, neither the Eighth nor the Fourteenth Amendment disallows the use of the death penalty for either persons that are under the age of eighteen or that are deemed mentally retarded. The Court's majority states that twenty-two of thirty-seven death penalty states permit the death penalty for the offenders that are sixteen years old. The same thirty-seven states permitted the death penalty for those offenders that were seventeen years old. The Court went further to state that such figures are not indicative of a nation that is moving towards a consensus against capital punishment for those offenders that are less than eighteen years of age. Two court cases were consistently referenced in the opinion: Stanford v. Kentucky 492 U.S. 361 (1989) and Atkins v. Virginia 536 U.S. 304(2002). Stanford and Atkins speak to both issues of capital punishment for juvenile offenders and the mentally retarded. These two cases decided that it was not inappropriate to utilize the de ath penalty for those younger than age eighteen or mentally retarded, respectively. Typically, judicial restraint would have allowed the Supreme Court to overturn the Missouri Courts ruling based on precedents and existing laws. However, the majority opinion took its review of the existing laws by interpreting the intention of the laws and how they related to the intention of the Constitutional Amendments. The majority opinion stated that although the death penalty for youths and the mentally retarded were not prohibited, they were rarely used as methods of punishment. In many cases, the Court notes that allowances were made for juveniles that had committed heinous crimes because it was and is recognized that these persons have

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Investing Money towards Retirement Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

Investing Money towards Retirement - Essay Example In the United States traditionally parents assume the cost of putting their kids through college. Financing the college education of two kids can become a very expensive ordeal. Like most working adults Sam is struggling to get by, but he realizes he has to start saving towards these two goals or he won’t have enough time left to accomplish his goals. Sam’s master plan entails saving $150 a month for the foreseeable future in order to put his two kids through college and to be able to retire at the age of 60. His two kids are age 3 and 8 years old. Assuming his two kids will start college at the age of 18 like most teenagers Sam will have to start spending money on college tuition 10 years from now. Sam’s plan of saving 150 a month implies he will save $1,800 a year. Assuming he leaves the money in the bank and makes 1% rate on his saving Sam will have 10 years from now $18,919.25. This amount of money is not sufficient to put his elder kid through four years of college. Sam needs to make adjustments to his plan. The simplest way to adjust his plan is by making better investment options that will allow Sam to make a higher return on his investment. Depending on the banking industry for long-range savings is not a wise move due to the extremely low-interest-rate that this industry offers. Typically interest earns on a banking account is not sufficient enough to offset inflation. Mr. Johnson has to start an investment plan that is aligned with his long-term financial goals. Investing money is not a rocket science, but it requires a person to get educated on financial tools such as stocks, bonds, and mutual funds. Common stocks are one of the simplest types of investment options. A common stock is the transfer of a piece of ownership in a company in exchange for cash.  

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Identification Discussion Essay Example for Free

Identification Discussion Essay Through his 1946 Politics and the English Language article, author George Orwell discusses some of the challenges facing the English language. For example, the author descries the phenomenon whereby writers in English are increasingly using many and complicated words that effectively blurs their real meanings. In addition, Orwell laments that many writers are using regurgitated words and phrases rather than devise and employ their own fresh phrases. Orwell observes that the existing bad language is deteriorating the thoughts of the populace. In turn, he explains that such usage of bad language corrupts people’s thoughts. Further, the author holds that unclear language is indispensable to politics because it helps in hiding fallacies and atrocious phenomena. Language thus makes unacceptable things to appear tolerable besides concealing the details of certain issues (Orwell, 1946). All in all, Orwell’s pitch is that bad language contributes to poor politics; the complaint is that he is decrying the decadence of the English language, while the moment is that the author requires his audience to demonstrate caution when using the English language. For example, Orwell states that bad language and poor politics are intertwined because unclear expressions are useful political tools. In effect, poor language is employed to glorify war, as well as to cunningly conceal atrocities. The author thus views the English language as having undergone a dangerous transformation of adopting rigid orthodoxy and rejecting innovativeness. Readers are thus cautioned against blindly adhering to such lethargic English language conventions. In conclusion, through the Politics and the English Language treatise, Orwell criticizes the general decadence in the English language that has resulted from orthodoxy and general indolence. He thus observes that such language contributes to bad politics and cautions readers against being ensnared by such lethargic orthodoxy.

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Highly effective people Essay Example for Free

Highly effective people Essay In most of the management literature materials and sources that focus on success, emphasis is made on how solutions can be achieved for a given set of problems. In such situations, the solution suggestions for such problems may turn out to be effective for that given period of time, though in the future they may not be relevant to problems which may arise. In most occasions, success of an individual has been attributed to the persons personality as well as skills and techniques amongst other many aspects like positive attitude. In reality success in a person is attributed to the personality as well as the character ethics. Thus, the assessment of the habits displayed by individuals who can be termed as highly effective in the society is considered to be an inside out approach, whereby change in a person has to begin from within then it transforms to the outside. Effective people Individuals characters are said to be a collection of a number of habits, and in that respect habits tend to have a strong impact in various aspects of our lives. In reality habits are made up of knowledge, desire as well as skills. Knowledge is that capability that a person has that enables him or her determine what to do, as for skills it is the ability to determine how to do something, and finally desire is the force from within that drives a person to do something. In considering the seven habits that are displayed in highly effective people, the following three stages can be assessed; dependence a time at which a person relies on others for survival, independence a time in life a person is able to make his or her own personal decisions as well as take charge of his or her life (Covey, 1990). Finally there is a stage of interdependence, whereby an individual will try to coordinate with others to achieve things in life that he or she cannot achieve independently. In most of the research materials on success, independence tends to take a top position but in the actual sense human beings are interdependent persons, and success in life can only be derived from interdependence. It is thus a stage that has to flow from dependence to independence, and finally interdependence (Covey, 1990). The seven habits Effective people are said to be proactive, whereby such persons are said to be aware of themselves, and can be able to make a choice on how they can respond to different forms of stimuli in the environment. Proactive as a habit is a unique element in a person that creates a difference between persons. Even though conditioning can have an influence on a persons life, in the actual sense individuals cannot be determined by conditioning (Covey, 1990). Some of the theories that have been presented to explain the concept of proactivity include genetic and environmental as well as physic determinism. In genetic physic, it is discussed that a persons nature is determined by the nature of DNA, and in that respect a persons personality traits are acquired from his or her grandparents. As for the physic determinism, it is discussed that the way in which a person has been brought up will influence the habits. In addition to that, the painful childhood experiences have an influence on the persons adult life. Finally, environmental determinism demonstrates that the current environmental factors have an influence on a persons behaviors (Covey, 1990). Proactivity in individuals can thus be described as that ability of individuals to carry out their activities while driven by the value proposition, which is said to be independent of the general environmental forces. Effective people in most occasions use the difficult life encounters to establish their character as well as develop their potential to deal with such difficulties in the future if they occur. In that way, such persons are able utilize their resourcefulness and ability to devise possible solutions, other than relying on other people to solve their personal problems. Therefore effective persons are those that are able to make life decisions, which have the potential of improving their personal lives. In such situations, decisions are made on the things that influence their person lives other than just acting to the general environmental forces (Covey, 1990). The second habit that highly effective people will tend to display is that the start with the end in mind. In such situations, such kind of effective people are able to establish their personal principles in terms of a mission statement, and then the mission statement is carried forward to the persons long term goals which will always be founded on the persons principles (Covey, 1990). The habit of first things first is displayed in highly effective people, whereby an individual takes valuable time carrying out activities that go in line with his or her personal mission. Effective people thus manage to make an appropriate balance between the production activities, as well as in establishing the production capacity. In order to create that balance in their lives, effective people will determine the key roles that they carry out in life, and then allocate appropriate time for each of those roles (Covey, 1990). Effective people think win, whereby they seek to do things like agreements as well as relationships in life will be mutually beneficial to their lives. In circumstances where such people are able to establish that win cannot be attained by taking a certain deal, they will accept such a situation and then establish alternative ways in which they can be able to attain success. In cases of effective leaders in an organization, they are able to establish a culture in the organization which will be focused at giving positive rewards to employee who manages to attain positive results, and negative rewards to those that fail to attain the required performance results. In doing so the leaders demonstrates that they value winning situations as compared to the failures (Covey, 1990). Effective persons will always seek to understand other people first before they make the other people surrounding them understand them. This is considered to be crucial aspect in effective people that will be a base for establishing effective interpersonal relations. The ability of a person to listen to others involves the person assuming the place of the other in either his or her feeling as well as meaning. In that way the person will be able to comprehend the actual situation of that person, as it is easy for a person to handle a situation that he or she has an idea of other that situations that carry no influence on the person (Covey, 1990). Effective persons always synergize, whereby they will always establish a kind of trustful communication which will enable the person to devise ways in which they will leverage the differences that exist between him or her and the others in the society. This is done with an intention of establishing a whole which will be of great benefit as compared to additions of the different contributions of the parts. In establishing such kind of mutual trust as well as understanding, a person will be able to solve problem situations, and come up with appropriate solutions for the conflicts which arise in the process of the relationships with others, as compared to when the person would have taken his or her own personal initiative to deal with the situation (Covey, 1990). Finally, effective people are able to sharpen the saw. This implies that such kind of persons are able to take time out from their busy schedules in production so as to build on their production capability in terms of personal renewal of their physical, spiritual and emotional as well as mental dimensions among other human dimensions like the social aspect. In doing so, effective persons will at all times seek to create a balance in the different human dimensions, given that they recognize the importance of coordination of all those dimensions in the success of a persons life. This is because they recognize the fact that effectiveness is achieved from the production practices, which are coupled up with the capacity to produce (Covey, 1990). Conclusion From the above analysis of the seven habits, that highly effective people tend to display, it can be concluded that effectiveness in a person is a reality which can be realized as long as that person is able to control his or her personality, as well as the characters which are influenced by the environment. High effectiveness can only be achieved when the persons personality and characters are based on ethical principles, which will enable that individual to derive value in their lives. For other persons to be able to achieve high levels effectiveness in the day to day operations, this research paper will be more effective as it clearly illustrates what the effective people do an given that the paper has illustrated the habits in a more clear way it is easy for the determined people to use these habits as a criteria that will guide their action. Word count 1440 References Covey, S, (1990). The 7 habits of highly effective people. Free Press publishers.