Thursday, June 20, 2019

Assignment Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words - 18

Assignment - Essay ExampleThe lines consist of several curves, as well as, loose gestures. The curves atomic number 18 evident on the photograph representing the dead Jesus. The belly consists of v totallyey-like curves. Curves argon used by artists whose intended messages on pictures ar mainly emotionally based.The lines used in this picture are classical or analytical in nature. The lines are precise and are rationally and mathematically organized. The lines are drawn into scale in order to blend the available drawing page.The artist has used expressive lines in the above picture. The element of emotionality is evident in the picture. This was the artists intended message. The ribbon of the photo, in terms of coloration is similarly an evident that the artists used expressive lines to come up with the picture.The artist of the above picture has used analytical lines. The lines are straight with no curves. The picture is also fixed in a small frame. This has been done to allow the viewing of all images in the picture.The lines used are expressive. There are several curves in the lines and the artist is trying to bring out an emotional status he/she had when composing the picture. The portrayal of the photo also reveals a lot concerning the emotionality of the photo.7. Henri has used analytical lines in the designation of this photo. He has used straight lines with no curves. The lines are precise, rational, and mathematically organized. He has ensured that all that he wanted to present in the picture is included. This way, he manages to display his artistic skills.Expressive lines. Mary the artist has applied expressive lines when composing this picture with a view of showing the emotional aspect of the picture to the viewers. The lines are curved showing the image of a woman in 3D format. This enables the viewers comprehend the message behind this picture.Analytic lines have a close relationship with static composition. First, static composition implies

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