Friday, June 7, 2019

A Sense of Belonging Essay Example for Free

A Sense of Belonging EssayThe novel Simple Gift is written in a verse form and presented by three different perspectives of the main characters- Billy, a 16 year old runaway, Caitlin, a girl from a wealthy family and Old Bill, a homeless alcoholic. This flick of gender, social status and age forms a sense of belonging which for severally one character gains. The first person narrator allows the reader to directly engage with each of its characters. Billy Luckett does not have any connection with his dada because he is subjected to abuse both physically and verbally. He gives a negative description of his dad saying the old bastard. He uses colloquial language and sarcasm see ya dad. Ive taken the alcohol. Drink this instead to celebrate your son divergence home. This sense of disconnection is illustrated in the poem sport where his father gives him a backhander across his face, so hard he fell down and he slams the introduction on his sporting childhood. Herrick uses this metaphor to create a sense of isolation and alienation caused by an alcoholic father. Billy has no connection to his schooling either.He is shown to be a rebel by saying Billy Luckett rhymes with the use of ellipse highlights the feeling of disconnection. He disrespects his teachers as well which is evident when he says Let Cheetum chew on that. All these instances show that he does not belong and has no connection with his family or community leading him to run away. He comp ares his dad to Ernie, the train driver in the poem Men. He says that they are both opposite. There are men like Ernie and there are men like my dad. He refers to his dad as someone who does not perform his fatherly role emphasising on the fact that he is totally disconnected from his father. Certain people can make a person belong and Billys case is no different. Billy and Caitlin have postal code in common but their relationship relays on internal love and bonds. They both feel disconnected from the world an d their families. They catch each other doing something they didnt want to do but had to both Billy and Caitlin are attracted to each other physically too. Billy notices she has bouncing, shiny, clean hair and her eyeball were pale thousand.Caitlin notices his attitude of self-admiration and the fact that he is homeless and proud of it. They develop a strong sense of connection both physically and emotionally. make to love to Caitlin was the ultimate sense of belonging. It overly contrasts Kates description of having sex. Billy describes it as falling headlong into the clear water of the Benderat River and opening my eyes to the ravishing phosphorescent bubbles of light. He uses this simile to convey a feeling of a magical world. This description also shows the beauty of the emotional bond making the accept special. Billy and Caitlin, create their own special world which is very important to them as it enhances their belonging and connections. In the end billy gives Caitlin a beautiful green emerald ring he had brought thinking about her eyes which indicates the value he places on their relationship which in turn enhances the sense of maturity they both attain.after the death of his wife and daughter Jessie, Old Bill disconnects himself entirely from the world. Old Bill relays on alcohol to forget about the world and his past. However, the gifts of cigarettes trigger his store of his daughter. Old Bill is changed by Billys kindness of Billy bringing him wheatbix and tea every day. This symbolises that Billy helps Old Bill to belong once again after many years of remoteness from the society. Old Bill starts to treat Billy differently which shows that he has changed his attitude towards Billy and they have developed a relationship. Old Bill ultimately becomes Billys father figure. Towards the end he provides Billy a place to live-his house. This shows that he is letting go of the past. He finally accepts the death of his family and starts a new life.In t he end he decides to travel north as it is his daughters dream. Old Bill also needs a change from his old life and memories. Right from the beginning, Billy has a strong connection with nature and the land. This is evident in the poem Westfield creek. Billy uses diction and positive adjectives to show a sense of belonging to a place he loves. This positive description contrasts with his house and school. Billys view on land is positive and liberating as it a place where he can come to read and learn. It is his favourite classroom. Billy also has a strong sense of connection with the train carriage his Motel Benderat. He closes the door and make a home showing that he has shut the world out.

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