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Diversity for the 21st Century Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Diversity for the 21st Century - Research Paper ExampleTherefore, diversity plays a significant role in the success of firms and the entire sector as a whole. As a result of globalization, the concept of diversity significantly influences how government activity conduct their business and daily activities. However, with diversity comes great conflicts and miscommunication as organizations benefit numerous individuals seem to be disadvantaged. As a result, numerous issues prevail in the American society including inequality due to gender, discrimination, and underpay and income disparities (Daly, 1998).The necessity for ethnic competence has been seen in various outcomes in the American society, which emphasizes for understanding cultural, social, language, and social nuances of distinct families and people. A specific event sis the civil rights movements from the 1950s, whereby African Americans, lesbians and gays, individuals characterized by disabilities as well and other vario us communities such as minority groups. This event informed the American society of distinct identities and long history characterizing these groups. Consequently, the other event is the increasing rate of new immigrants into the country. The new immigrants have distinct political, religious, language, and cultural backgrounds. The displacement of these individuals and the background associated with them and melding these aspects together with elements of experiences, history, and expectations of the American culture and diverse populations results in a diverse society (Daly, 1998).Due to the prevalent diversity in the American society, individuals tend to bring different views, innovations, approaches, and experiences into various sectors in the society. In the country, more than 75% of big companies focus on diversity as a message for strategic advantage as well as business leverage. However, with the diversity in the American society, various issues

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