Tuesday, October 29, 2019

Report Coursework Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words - 3

Report - Coursework Example The methods are used in economics, physics, and chemistry, geology, in statistics, in operational research and in other disciplines. The ride has 100 metres of fencing to make a rectangular enclosure as shown. It will use existing walls for two sides of the enclosure, and leave an opening of 2 metres for a gate as shown below we are to show that the area of the enclosure is given by: A = 102x – x2 further we are to calculate the maximum possible area. The snacks will be provided in a box with a lid made by removing squares from each corner of a rectangular piece of card and then folding up the sides as shown in below figure. The box is made with a piece of cardboard that is 40 cm by 40 cm. To arrive at the many conclusions, the particular mathematical modeling techniques used was differentiation. It mostly involved finding the maxima and minima of the various mathematical expressions that were already given or else arrived at. The results show that the maximum and minimum heights for feel the fear roller coaster are 36 meters and -14. 1815 meters respectively. The difference between the two was found to amount to 50.815 meters. On the other hand, The Giant roller coaster is 36. 434 at its maximum and -96.434 at its minimum this roller coaster starts at the ground level. For the case of the enclosure the maximum possible area was found to be the2601 square meters where the width is 51. Finally the dimensions of the snack box that yield maximum volume are as follows 6.67 cm x 13.33 cm x 26.67 cm. in this case the maximum volume is 2370.37 cubic

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